CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR that we as a business most closely relate to is as follows:-

“An obligation, beyond that required by the law, for a business to pursue long term goals that are good for society.”

The very nature of our business is to help minimise the environmental impact of other businesses particularly from an energy and carbon perspective but our obligation goes beyond our core business activities.


We minimise travel through the use of contemporary comunications such as Skype and Conference Genie and when we do travel we car share or use public transport wherever it is reasonably practical to do so.

All of our colleagues are encouraged and indeed sponsored by the business to undertake an advanced driving course through the Institute of Advanced Motoring to ensure safe driving practices as we believe we all have a right to return home safely.


The use of paper is minimised through the utilisation of electronic files, digital marketing, social media and a fully developed website. The printing of emails and documents is actively discouraged by the business.

All proposals are submitted electronically and presented via PowerPoint presentation.


Hawkesbury Primary School – JRP manages their energy reducing consumption by 20%

We take our obligations to the local communities in which we live very seriously and actively participate in a variety of ways contributing time, resources and money to local organisations, events and charities with the annual Hawkesbury Community Festival raising £1500 for Cancer Research and World Challenge every year.

‘This Eden’ at the Hawkesbury Festival

Worcester Lions Community FC where George Richards is a coach

JRP Solutions are proud sponsors of Sixth Form student Matthew Masters’ participation in the Global Young Leaders Conference being held in New York and Washington DC this summer