Kevin Stephens: Principal Consultant - Energy

MSc, BSc, MEI, C Eng, RPEC

Key Skills:

  • ESOS Lead Assessor
  • Modelling and optimisation of complex energy systems
  • Application of Kaizen principals to process energy management
  • Negotiation and supervision of ESCO agreements for energy investment projects
  • Design and project management of energy efficient installations
  • Implementation of ISO 50001 compliant energy management systems


Kevin has 35 years’ experience implementing energy solutions in the heavy industrial, pharmaceutical, building services and energy services sectors. 

Kevin’s initial career was the steel industry.  Successful projects in furnace improvement and ladle pre heating raised a passion for energy which led to a Masters degree in energy engineering.

In energy consultancy and energy service companies Kevin has developed and project managed energy projects as diverse as decentralised steam systems in heavy engineering and hospitals, waste to energy system for furniture manufacturer and optimisation of a molten sulphur storage facility.

Following this Kevin established an energy efficiency capability in an international environmental consultancy.  Projects included use of energy savings as a cost driver to promote improved environmental performance in heavy industry in former Soviet countries; initially fostering capability of local environmental authorities, then directly for joint venture international companies. 

More recently Kevin has provided long term support to major energy users including negotiation and supervision of a 10 year ESCO agreement for a 6.2 MW CHP plant for an aerospace manufacturer; project design and process optimisation supporting a 50% reduction in energy use over 6 years for a pharmaceutical manufacturing site.  Kevin has also facilitated Kaizen energy reduction programmes for numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in Europe, India, Pakistan, SE Asia and the US.

Now Principal Consultant at JRP Solutions, Kevin works with clients to deliver practical and cost effective business solutions.