Our World View

At JRP, we take our responsibilities to our local communities and the wider world very seriously.

The very nature of our business is to help minimise the environmental impact of other businesses particularly from an energy and carbon perspective but our obligation goes beyond our core business activities.  We are all ‘eco warriors’ at heart!

We all pro-actively minimise our own impacts on the environment by:  

  • Travel – Whenever possible we minimise travel by using conference calling, we car share or use public transport and all our colleagues are sponsored by the business to complete an advanced driving course through the Institute of Advanced Motoring to ensure safe and energy efficient driving practices. 

  • Waste – we minimise paper use by using electronic files, digital marketing, actively discouraging printing of emails and documents.  All proposals are submitted electronically and presented via PowerPoint presentation. 

  • Compliance: In May 2018 JRP achieved certification to the energy management standard ISO 50001 and as ISO 50001 assessors, we are in a position to help any organisation do the same.  We have helped many organisations achieve ISO 50001 most recently Vodafone across their Data Centres.  Gap Analysis work is now underway for the other five Vodafone businesses in the UK. 

           A copy of our Energy Policy can be downloaded here.

We have pledged to act

To underpin our commitment to our sustainability values, as a company we have set ourselves targets to only buy locally produced fruit and vegetables, to only buy products with recyclable or no packaging, to calculate our household food waste and reduce it by 50%, to boil only enough water for a single cup of tea each time rather than filling the kettle and to calculate our average monthly car mileage and reduce it by 25%.

We use our voice

We maintain awareness of all topical sustainability issues and through all media channels we use our voice to raise concerns, share knowledge and to support sustainability initiatives.

We support our communities

We actively participate in a variety of ways to support local organisations, events and charities.   We use our expertise to help save energy for local organisations, including schools and community buildings, we raise approximately £1500 for charity every year and we sponsor community groups that promote a healthy lifestyle.