Be Energy - Affordable, Awareness eLearning Programme

Be Energy is a user-friendly, interactive, eLearning programme that will help your employees to understand what energy is, how the use of energy impacts on our environment and how they can use less energy at home and at work to save costs and to create healthier businesses and a healthier planet.

Watch our short, informative video to find out more.


Be Energy for the NHS

We have developed a 30 minute version of our successful Be Energy programme in conjunction with a number of NHS Trusts, specifically for health and care environments. There is considerable pressure on NHS Trusts to reduce costs and saving energy is one sure way to do this. The NHS currently spends over £544m pa on energy. Any savings made to this figure could be used elsewhere in the organisation to fund essential patient services.

For more information and to obtain a proposal to suit your requirements, please ring 0800 6127 567 or email with details of delegate numbers.

You can also download the pdf for more details, or read more here.

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