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Be Energy - Energy Awareness eLearning Programme


There was a recognised need for Energy Awareness training across the Trust and it was agreed that the learning material should not just be contemporary and current but most importantly it needed to be relevant to delegates from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures and having varying degrees of knowledge of energy.   As non-mandatory training it should also be no longer than 30 minutes in duration.

E-learning was considered to be the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective way to support the Trust to raise energy awareness and as a consequence improve patient care, energy efficiency and reduce costs.

JRP Solutions designed the Healthcare Be Energy course specifically for healthcare environments to provide staff with a fundamental understanding of energy relating to their own working environment.  The objective of the programme is to enable the delegates to grasp some basic concepts of how energy is used, how it impacts patient care and what it costs from an environmental and financial perspective.  A key element of the programme is recommendations of some simple ways of reducing energy consumption both at home and in the work place.

The course comprises three modules to allow progressive learning at a pace to suit the individual. The three modules being: ‘Energy – The Big Picture’, ‘Energy at Home’ and ‘Energy at Work’, which were preceded by a short introduction and followed by a short summary at the end of the course.  

Initially the programme was rolled out just to the Estates Facilities Development directorate with the rest of the Trust, including front line staff, to be included in a second phase.  


The programme was very well received by users who gave extremely positive feedback.  It made staff more aware and involved in the sustainability and energy and carbon agenda, raised awareness of energy and related matters at work and at home.

“Be Energy was ideal for our needs and much higher quality than we could produce in house”.  Paul Wharram, Assistant Sustainability Manager, Hull University Teaching Hospitals.

To discuss your training requirements, please call George Richards, Director on 0800 6127 567 or email To find out more about NHS Be Energy and watch a short introductory video, click here.

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