Be Energy - Energy Awareness eLearning Programme - Mitie Energy

Services provided:

Be Energy - Energy Awareness eLearning Programme


E-learning was considered to be the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective way to deliver the training.  Mitie chose the Be Energy programme because they were impressed by the content, professionalism, the key learning points and the fact that they could tailor materials to provide the MITIE context.

Delivery Programme:

JRP Solutions enrolled 180 Mitie employees into the Be Energy eLearning Energy Awareness course and a total of 157 users completed and passed the course over a two month period, each receiving a pass certificate.   Over the two month period no more than 10 failed and all users that failed were given the opportunity to re-take the programme and passed the second time around.  The course was designed and hosted by JRP who managed the programme delivery on behalf of Mitie.


Be Energy was very well received by users who gave the course an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.   Delegates were asked for their opinions of the course and some extremely positive views were expressed. 

“Great course. We all hear about climate change and conserving energy and this course really shows the impact and explains how we can all make changes in our daily lives to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s all our responsibility,” Mitie Energy delegate.

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