Behaviour Change Programme - Power Systems Manufacturer

Services Provided

JRP delivered a Behaviour Change Programme for this client at two of its manufacturing sites in the UK.

How JRP added value

Energy savings from energy training alone is usually difficult to quantify but a significant reduction trend commenced quickly after the training programme started.  A longer term evaluation demonstrated significant additional savings totalling 7.43% from the awareness programme. Energy consumption reduction was measured using IPMVP, the internationally recognised verification methodology.

The savings are now embedded within the organisation and consumption continued to reduce further in the year following implementation.  The Bristol site has also recently posted a significant consumption reduction to the 2016 budget.

The 8.9% savings from behavioural projects were the same as those derived from a £480k new factory LED lighting scheme that the company had undertaken. However, the internal and external costs of delivering the behavioural project savings were £30k with a payback of just 3 months.

What we did

The objective was to demonstrate that energy training and awareness building could have a significant and measurable impact on reducing energy consumption.

JRP provided the customer with guidance on the overall strategy and a programme roadmap for how the numerous energy training and awareness building strands should be prioritised.  An Energy Charter and Energy Policy were established followed by a communication programme. A widespread poster and banner campaign featuring over 50 different posters was delivered throughout UK and at other major global sites.  These highlighted what had already been achieved, outlined the new goals, and included a description of typical opportunities and cost savings that could be achieved in different technical areas (process, lighting, heating/cooling, compressed air, electrical use generally etc) as well as ‘myth or fact’ posters.

A 6 month programme of Energy Champions training was delivered in ½ day sessions every 3-4 weeks.  In addition to covering specific technical areas, the training also included the practical identification of energy savings by surveying different areas of the site during each training session.

The course also demonstrated how to complete energy savings calculations, delivery of standard savings spreadsheets and also 1-1 training sessions for each individual. A key deliverable was a single central listing of prioritised energy saving opportunities, which the trainer tracked as part of each training session to encourage immediate delivery of low cost and no cost measures.

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For more detailed information, download case study as a pdf