Environmental Life Cycle Review: Fast fashion versus DYLON fabric dyes - Henkel

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The Green Consultancy (TGC), a division of JRP Solutions, was commissioned by The Henkel Group to undertake a review of published Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) information to determine the environmental impact of buying selected new clothes and household textiles, compared to the Life Cycle Assessment impact of using DYLON Machine Dye to re-dye existing garments, instead of buying new ones. 


For the fashion review, the report looked at the most popular types of clothes in the UK and Ireland: jeans, t-shirts, trousers, and also household items like bed linen.  From DYLON, which is produced by Henkel, the report looked at Intense Black Machine Dye and Navy-Blue Machine Dye, two of the top-selling dyes from the range. The study required the development of a bespoke life-cycle assessment for the machine dyes, obtaining information from each of Henkel’s UK and European manufacturers and suppliers.


The report presented valuable data that demonstrated the benefits of dyeing rather than buying new which enabled Henkel to launch its ‘Re-Dye don’t Re-Buy’ initiative to help the textile industry lower its carbon emissions.  

“Fast fashion is having a massive impact on the environment – The Green Consultancy’s report proves that Dylon can be part of the solution and is the evidence behind our ‘Re-dye don’t Re-buy’ campaign.” Rebecca Bland, Senior Brand Manager, Dylon Dyes.

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