ESOS energy audit and compliance - Fort Vale Engineering

Services Provided

Audit of energy saving opportunities to comply with the requirements of The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, ESOS. 

How JRP added value

JRP’s ESOS report identified opportunities which if implemented would total utility savings of 977.1 MWh pa, equating to a cost saving of £78.7K.  These had associated total implementation costs of £87.2K, giving a simple payback of 1.1 years. 

“JRP Solutions acted as our lead assessor and the whole process was conducted professionally, in a timely manner with little or no impact on day to day activities.  Several sensible and realistic opportunities were identified. We will undoubtedly be working closely again in the near future with the team at JRP.”   Mark Smith, EHS Manager, Fort Vale Engineering Ltd.”

What we did

JRP Solutions were appointed by Fort Vale Engineering to carry out an ESOS audit of their two UK manufacturing sites.  The two sites selected for audit accounted for 100% of the consumption across the whole of the Fort Vale organisation. 

The total consumption for the reference period was 9,226.8 MWh, equating to a cost of £633.7K, of this gas consumption was 2,704.3 MWh and electricity consumption was 6,522.5 MWh.

JRP’s analysis of the manufacturing sites revealed the significant energy uses to be:

  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV)
  • Wax pressing
  • Lighting
  • Compressed air
  • Hot water tank heating

Following a detailed investigation of these areas, recommendations were made for energy savings measures for each, including:

  • Installation of a differential pressure control system to the bag blowing compressed air feed

  • Installation of a control system to link the hydraulic power packs directly to the operation and demand for the wax presses.

  • Installation of lids on the hot water tanks

For more detailed information, download case study as a pdf