Facility management and outsourcing consultancy - Toyota

Services provided

There are two Toyota manufacturing plants in the UK representing a total investment of £2.5 billion with a staff of approximately 3,000. JRP Solutions were commissioned by TMUK to undertake a review of their maintenance operations at the vehicle manufacturing facility at Burnaston. Toyota, the originator of Toyota Production System and lean manufacturing techniques, were seeking break-through activities in order to improve in house efficiency and cost in the area of maintenance activities at their plants.  


JRP’S work was delivered in three phases.

Phase one was a review of the TMUK maintenance operation at Burnaston and Phase two was the RFP, RFI and supplier selection process.  Following the successful completion of these two phases, JRP were appointed to provide support during the implementation and mobilisation of the FM outsourcing project.


The facilities management outsourcing partnership has been designed to align with Toyotas culture of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and is structured to deliver performance improvements across all FM services driven through output-based specifications and KPI’s in a risk and reward arrangement whilst streamlining and improving the efficiency of a consolidated supply chain.

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