FM Outsourcing Services - AstraZeneca

Services Provided

FM Outsourcing Services for pharmaceutical, chemicals and mobile communication companies.

How JRP added Value

JRP’s facilities management outsourcing expert services helped these organisations in the pharmaceutical, chemicals and mobile communications sectors to successfully implement tailored and well managed outsourcing programmes that realise real tangible and long lasting business benefits, focussing on the client’s organisational goals and objectives.

How JRP helped these organisations

AstraZeneca - was half way through a 20 year contract with a FM provider for the installation and management of a CHP plant.  JRP proposed ways in which the client could optimise the contract and identified £0.25m pa savings.

American global pharmaceutical company - ThIs client had tendered the installation and management of a CHP and boiler plant facility and had selected an organisation to provide the service.  JRP evaluated the proposed contract, helped to negotiate the inclusion of service KPIs and also to renegotiate the price.  This resulted in an efficient, best value, measurable contract.  

British multinational telecommunications company - JRP Solutions assisted this company in the structure and signing of an Energy Performance Contract and support was also given to create a robust business case and to develop a longer term strategy for energy across the organisation.  This resulted in an efficient, best value, measurable contract. 

British multinational speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies company - JRP Solutions helped this client to outsource major CHP plant at two of its significant energy consuming sites that also had supply availability issues.  JRP proposed a timely best practice solution that meant production could continue on site

Eli Lilly - engaged JRP Solutions to look at the practicality of outsourcing its non-production hard services to compliment the already (and more easily) outsourced soft services.  JRP’s intervention resulted in significantly better financial control.