Monitoring and Verification - Whitbread

Services Provided

Monitoring & verification of energy saving measures implemented in beer cellars using IPMVP (International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol).


Whitbread, the UK’s largest hotel, restaurant and coffee shop operator, are committed to continuous improvement of energy efficiency across its estate.  Before committing to a major investment programme across a large number of sites it was essential that Whitbread gained an accurate understanding of the potential energy and cost saving for each technology  and appointed JRP Solutions to to establish the efficiency of some cellar management systems and the effectiveness of energy saving measures implemented.

JRP considered a range of technologies through pilot studies at sample sites which included potential improvements to refrigeration compressor efficiency, sophisticated building control system and measures to restrict air movement.


The analysis found that some technologies did not offer any benefits, whilst others provided normalised savings of between 9% and 15%.  JRP Solutions report was invaluable in directing Whitbread’s energy efficiency investment programme.

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