Energy Initiator® and Activator® - Power Systems Manufacturer

The Customer

A global business providing power systems for use on land, at sea and in the air with a $59.2bn order book and a global energy spend of approximately £90m. Even though this customer is a non - energy intensive business it nevertheless still uses approximately 60% of its energy in the manufacturing processes.

Specific Example:NDT Washline

The specification for the tanks within the NDT area had included 3600 insulation but when surveyed by JRP Solutions using thermal imaging it became apparent that no insulation was installed on the base of the tanks or parts of the supply pipes which contributed towards annual energy losses of £82k.

Using the Energy Initiator® methodology and software, JRP identified nine improvement measures and used Energy Activator® to manage the implementation of the improvement projects, saving the customer a total of £32k per annum, with an average payback of 1.2 years.

Using both Energy Initiator® and Energy Activator® across several UK and European sites to date for this customer, over 250 low cost and medium cost improvement measures have been identified and delivered realising in excess of £275k of energy savings.

All improvement measures are recorded and managed with Energy Activator® which measures their impact in terms of energy, emissions and costs providing a real focus to the customer’s Continuous Improvement Programme.


“Energy Activator® is the ideal tool for the effective management and reporting of projects.  It ensures a consistent approach to prioritising and driving forward improvement projects and reporting the right real-time information to the right people at the right level.” HS&E Lead