Site energy reduction plan - Charles Wells

Services provided:

  • Site energy reduction plan
  • Business case preparation
  • Brief for survey of steam traps and distribution network
  • New metering strategy
  • Plant condition survey
  • Building survey and improvement identification
  • Nitrogen supply analysis and strategy development

How JRP helped Charles Wells

The site had an estimated annual energy expenditure of c£3.5 million and energy usage or efficiency had not been a priority.  JRP Solutions were engaged to support the energy management activities of the site’s engineering team by providing focussed and specialist resources, since which time JRP Solutions have:

  • Developed an initial Site Energy Reduction Plan containing around 30 prioritised energy reduction opportunities with a potential cost reduction of over £400,000 per year. 
  • Worked with the Wells & Young’s engineering team to develop business cases and plans for financial approval for boiler improvements
  • Developed the brief for a comprehensive survey of the steam traps and steam distribution network
  • Carried out a review of the sub-metering system, and helped to develop a new metering strategy with the aim of establishing budget costs that were added to the following year’s capital plan. 
  • Completed a plant condition survey of the CO2 recovery plant, and specified and sourced CO2 metering. 
  • Carried out a detailed survey of the Hop Store and identified opportunities to reduce costs and improve the storage facility.
  • Analysed the nitrogen meter data and identified that a large proportion of the nitrogen demand was not being metered. 


Savings of over £400k were identified through the site energy reduction plan and further energy and cost savings were made through boiler improvements.  Improved metering and data analysis has enabled more efficient energy and nitrogen control.

For more information please download this case study as a pdf.