Various Services - Vodafone

Services Provided

  • Outsourcing support – review of existing FM agreement and recommendations for adding an Energy Performance Contract.
  • ISO 50001 gap analysis – review of the requirements of the standard and where Vodafone were and what need to be done to close the gap.  All actions were pulled into an implementation action plan with owners and time scales allocated to each action.
  • ISO 50001 implementation - certification was achieved within 6 months from completion of the gap analysis following 7 days of a very thorough external audit.
  • Part-time energy manager services - energy manager services provided for two days per week to ensure that Vodafone is getting best value from its energy initiatives and investment.
  • Training - JRP’s eLearning programme, Be Energy, tailored to Vodafone’s requirements, delivered initially to 2,000 personnel.
  • Energy Activator® - JRP’s energy project management tool Energy Activator® was selected to capture energy saving ideas, record what they needed to deliver those ideas and then help them manage the delivery and execution in a way that met the specific requirements of the Vodafone company structure.


Vodafone is one of the world's leading mobile communications providers with almost 444 million customers internationally and around 19.5 million in the UK.  It has thousands of sites in the UK and is a major energy user. The sites include offices, retail stores, data centres, cell towers and network sites.  JRP were appointed to provide Vodafone with a range of outsourcing and energy management services to improve financial and energy efficiency throughout their UK estate.


The outsourcing support alone identified guaranteed savings for Vodafone of £8m over 3 years through a programme of gain share on behavioural projects and improved controls management.  An estimated  5 - 7.5% energy savings is anticipated from improved energy efficiency.  100% of delegates who completed the Be Energy eLearning programme would recommend it to others and 98% have said that it has increased their energy knowledge.

“JRP are very good partner.  They are very knowledgeable, diligent and creative. They don’t just dip in and dip out, they want to carry on working and contribute to deliver an outcome.”  Paul Garland, Energy Manager, Vodafone.

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