ESOS Organiser

As many as 80% of the ESOS reports submitted to the Environment Agency and reviewed by an independent auditor required remedial actions or were non-compliant

To simplify the collation and organisation of all the information associated with your ESOS audit, and to ensure a robust, compliant report, JRP Solutions have developed a purpose designed ESOS Organiser tool

The ESOS Organiser collates all information required for an ESOS audit in this comprehensive, user-friendly tool.  The ESOS Organiser is the central store for all your ESOS compliance data, analysis, records and supporting evidence, allowing all data and documents to be easily stored, viewed, referenced and linked.  Information is presented clearly, consistently, and is easy for all stakeholders to understand.

The ESOS Organiser is constructed so that it is guaranteed to satisfy the requirement of ESOS and should the Environment Agency select your report for review, they can do so easily and efficiently. It enables a more time efficient and therefore more cost effective audit and report for our customers.

An independent auditor who reviewed one of JRP’s reports using the ESOS organiser commented; ‘It is definitely compliant and probably the best I have assessed.”

The ESOS Organiser can be used in isolation or with JRP’s other purpose-designed software tools.  Energy Initiator®, JPR’S survey tool, will identify specific and practical improvement opportunities that will be automatically captured, evaluated and reported using the ESOS Organiser. JRP also offer another option where the customers’ goal is the long term implementation and management of all energy related projects using our web based tool, Energy Activator®


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