EnCO: engaging, empowering and equipping organisations to make significant energy, costs and carbon savings through people.

EnCO aims to engage, empower and equip organisations and energy professionals to enable significant energy savings through people. EnCO integrates employee engagement with technical opportunities to reduce energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions to accelerate the journey to Net Zero.

This includes obvious measures such as turning off devices from lights to air conditioning, setting conditions at the right level or time, and identifying simple low-cost energy improvement projects both for organisations as a whole and the individuals they comprise. But good energy behaviour goes far beyond this: it is about senior management decision-making, standards, policies, plans and, importantly, optimising the technology used.

Why become an EnCO? The benefits from becoming an EnCO are considerable. You’ll find out more here. If you’d like to talk about your organisation becoming an EnCO, get in touch: George.richards@jrpsolutions.com or call 0800 6127 567.