Gap Analysis & Business Case


Achieve real results that make a difference


Act now to fight climate change


Tackle the Net Zero challenge


Change behaviours to make an impact

Following the creation of the Programme Charter, carrying out a Gap Analysis and creating a Business Case are essential next steps to achieving Net Zero. These establish how the organisation is doing currently and begins to set the scene for an action plan based on current organisational practices, priorities and resources.

Net Zero Jigsaw

JRP would carry out an in depth analysis of current practices including:

  • Audit of current Energy and Environmental Management Systems (EnMS and EMS)
  • High level Site Energy Audit(s)
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Transport review
  • Review of current procurement policies and practices
  • Review of current energy, waste and water policies
  • Review of energy, waste and water targets

Following this, a Business Case would be developed to include:-

  • Costs and benefits of each element of the programme
  • The resources required
  • The GHG impacts of the planned programme
  • A series of Waterfall Charts to clearly illustrate BAU v Net Zero implementation

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