The Net Zero Road Map


Achieve real results that make a difference


Act now to fight climate change


Tackle the Net Zero challenge


Change behaviours to make an impact

Net Zero Jigsaw

The need to start working towards achieving Net Zero is urgent because for most organisations it will be a long journey. Creating a Net Zero Road Map with a long term vision is therefore essential. It will need to be updated and reviewed constantly to reflect advances in technology, legislative requirements and the organisation’s evolving needs. JRP will support you in creating your Net Zero Road map in three ways:

Action Planning

  • Prioritisation of improvement opportunities identified via the Net Zero Gap Analysis including behaviour change and technical projects
  • Waterfall chart to illustrate the timing and GHG, cost and benefits impacts of implementation whilst also taking into account forecast core business activity
  • Offsetting options for residual emissions


  • Investigation of alternative delivery mechanisms such as EPC’s/PPA’s/UMA’s
  • Capital project development, implementation and funding
  • Resources
  • MM&T
  • Management and reporting


  • Measurement and verification (IPMVP could be used to achieve this)
  • Report progress against agreed targets
  • Consideration and inclusion of appropriate emerging technologies
  • Consideration of relevant new or impending legislation
  • Amend Net Zero Strategy in accordance with the above

If you would like to discuss creating a Net Zero roadmap for your organisation, please don’t hesitate to contact or call 0800 6127 567.