8 steps to overcoming the energy behavioural change challenge

Posted on 19 December 2019.

JRP recently hosted a roundtable discussion in association with Edie at the second SPARK event to discuss the barriers to behaviour change and how businesses could harness the wider awareness of the climate strikes to engage all staff members on the need to manage energy use.

George Richards, director of JRP, was delighted with the enthusiasm and engagement of participants and summarised his own ‘takeaways’ from the session:

  1. Dispelling the myth: effective programs are not capital intensive and realise a far superior rate of interest than technical projects.

  2. Senior Management support: this is critical to success.

  3. Not just training: a good program will touch all parts of an organisation.

  4. Organisational specific: there are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions.

  5. Relevance: ensure that all information and training is relevant to the host organisation and participants.

  6. Communications: regular reports and ensure the positive impacts are effectively communicated

  7. Measurement: ensure good quality data and consider using an IPMVP mechanism.

  8. Training: customisation improves relevance and engagement. Include it in Induction Training.

Celebrate and communicate success!

Edie have published a report from the event which identifies EIGHT INNOVATIVE steps to place energy use into the hearts and minds of all staff. The report can be requested here.

If you would like to discuss implementing an energy behaviour programme in your organisation, please contact George.richards@jrpsolutions.com or call 0800 6127 567.