A free bonus in your ESOS pack!

All JRP’s ESOS clients will receive a bonus in their ESOS Evidence Pack in the form of a Site Energy Certificate (SEC) at no extra cost.

Posted on 16 March 2015.

The SEC has been developed by JRP to compare the current energy performance (efficiency) of a site with its optimum performance assuming that the energy reduction opportunities identified in the ESOS survey are implemented.  This provides really good visual evidence to demonstrate the benefits of delivering improvement projects and can help gain stakeholder buy-in

The SEC is based on a short site survey and the answers to a set of structured questions and it provides an indication of how energy efficient a site is and how efficient it could be.  It also enables the energy performance of sites within a group to be compared enabling resources to be targeted at those sites with the greatest opportunities for energy reduction.

The SEC can be repeated annually as a way to track performance improvements and can form part of a site’s energy management or reporting system.

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