Bored of Brexit? Keep calm and carry on saving energy

Anyone who isn’t already bored to tears with the endless debates about what the post Brexit world looks like for the UK must have been in a coma since the 23rd June.

Posted on 30 June 2016.

In the short term, there has obviously been a negative reaction for shares, currencies and investments and, as always in times of uncertainty, there is likely to be caution around continuing with investment plans or committing additional expenditure to any non-essentials until things have settled down.

One of the uncertainties is around energy prices – changes to which historically we know have had a significant impact on businesses and the cost of living.

The good news is that regardless of what happens to energy prices, organisations can still take positive steps to mitigate the impact of any price rise by reducing their energy consumption and costs.  Despite the huge amount of work carried out by a lot of organisations in the UK to save energy, many organisations could still make significant improvements with little or no capital investment.  This is an area of the business that can continue to show positive results whether in times of austerity or prosperity whilst also impacting positively on the environment.

The challenge is always how to prioritise energy saving when new initiatives will invariably require additional resources in an already resource-constrained organisation.

Employing a dedicated energy manager is likely to be out of the question, but one realistic and affordable alternative is to employ a third party energy specialist with a broad range of skills and expertise that can be called upon as and when required to deal with all energy related matters.  This can include everything from compliance issues, developing a site specific energy plan, the implementation of improvement opportunities to energy awareness training.

JRP currently provide this Energy Support Service to a number of organisations ensuring a real focus upon managing energy effectively and helping to prioritise actions and measures to reduce energy consumption and costs in a consistent and sustainable way.  With complete flexibility as to how and when this service is called upon and indeed how it is deployed, costs are minimised, resources optimised and targets are achieved.

Another low cost option for reducing energy costs is behaviour training.  Many organisations don’t prioritise training because they find it hard to put together a good business case with quantifiable results.  We KNOW that training can achieve as good or better energy savings than capital investments and we have been able to quantify the results.  We implemented a capital investment project for one client that cost £500k and reduced their energy bill by 7.5%.  We carried out a behaviour training programme for the same organisation and achieved the same 7.5% saving for less than 10% of the cost.  We were able to provide proof of the savings by using the protocol for performance measurement and verification (M&V) as outlined in the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Guidelines.

So, if you would like your own Energy Manager without increasing your head count and overheads, or would like to find out about our behaviour training programmes, please email:, or call 0800 6127 567



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