Bristol Water appoints JRP Solutions to maximise energy efficiencies

Having achieved an impressive reduction of 8% on energy reduction last year on the previous year, Bristol Water has now appointed JRP Solutions to provide specialist support to help them achieve further direct energy savings and to implement the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard

Posted on 26 January 2015.

JRP Solutions role will be to ensure Bristol Water’s strategic and project energy plans are optimised and effective; to provide extensive energy training at different levels for different members of staff; to deliver an awareness campaign across the business; to review their project management system requirements and to provide general ISO50001 implementation support.

ISO 50001 implementation would have a number of benefits for Bristol Water:

Provide the tools, system and methodology to deliver year-on-year reductions in energy consumption and cost providing a proactive and holistic solution to energy management.

Identify and implement energy saving opportunities; focus upon the no-cost and low cost initiatives (particularly initially ‘behavioural’ opportunities) making full use of internal expertise where available, complemented by external consultant support where required.

Introduce a continuous improvement process aligned with existing management systems.

Internationally recognised standard confirming energy and environmental commitments to customers and other stakeholders.

Tailored and structured programme without undue burden on existing resources.

Bristol Water supplies 240m litres of drinking water every day to a population of 1.15m and serves an area of 2,400 km2.  With 14 raw water reservoirs, 16 treatment works and 164 pumping stations, there are 40 significant sites in terms of energy usage which lead to an annual energy spend of £8.24m.

Jes Rutter, JRP Managing Director, was delighted with this appointment, “As a major energy user, Bristol Water takes energy efficiency very seriously, and we are pleased to use our specialist expertise to reduce their consumption.  I wish all organisations were as proactive!”


January 2015

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