CHP optimisation in NHS trusts

Are you missing out on vital financial benefits because your CHP plant and operation is not working at its optimum level?

Posted on 02 March 2020.

Certification with the CHPQA scheme means that your CHP (Combined Heat and Power) system will be assessed on the basis of its energy efficiency and environmental performance and you can qualify for substantial financial benefits including Renewable Heat Incentive, Carbon Price Floor (heat) relief, Climate Change Levy exemption (in respect of electricity directly supplied), Enhanced Capital Allowances and preferential Business Rates.

It is also important to regularly monitor a CHP to ensure operating hours targets are being achieved and heat recovery rates are being maintained to achieve the best return on investment.

These benefits will vary according to the type of CHP, levels of efficiency and environmental performance.

JRP Solutions can carry out a technical and contract review to ensure that your CHP is optimised to reduce energy costs, reduce environmental impact and gain the maximum benefit from CHPQA certification.

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