Congratulations to Owen Jones for qualifying to prove energy savings

Owen Jones, a Chartered Energy Manager and an accredited member of the Register of Professional Energy Consultants is the latest of JRP’s energy efficiency specialists to become a ‘Certified Measurement & Verification Professional’, the professional qualification of IPMVP (The International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol).

Posted on 30 March 2017.


IPMVP qualified personnel can provide proof of energy consumption savings envisaged by individual energy reduction projects by using the protocol for performance measurement and verification (M&V) as outlined in the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Guidelines.

““Identifying the true savings from any energy saving opportunity can be difficult in real world situations and this uncertainty can act as a barrier to the uptake of energy efficiency projects. We have found that using IPMVP cost effectively minimises the uncertainty around achieved energy savings, giving the client confidence a project has been successful which then incentivises investment in further similar opportunities. I am excited to now use this tool as a fully Certified Measurement & Verification Professional, alongside my CMVP qualified colleagues, to support our customers” commented Owen.

A number of JRP’s other consultants are qualified as Certified Measurement & Verification Professional’s which is the professional qualification of IPMVP.

IPMVP was first established by the US D.O.E. and has become the internationally recognised protocol for performance measurement and verification (M&V) of energy saving projects. The IPMVP guidelines, built with the help of organisations from 16 countries and hundreds of individual experts from 25 nations, provides a consistent, reliable approach to M&V around the world.

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