Cracking the energy management resource dilemma?

Whilst many organisations recognise that effective energy management is essential, often the required expertise is not available in-house or a full-time energy manager cannot be economically justified.

Posted on 19 September 2016.

JRP’s On-Site Energy Management Support service can be a cost effective and flexible route to driving a successful energy management and cost reduction programme.  The service can be provided on a call off basis with time drawn down as required for specific tasks or regular attendance where time is only paid for as and when work is carried out.  Deployment is by agreement, typically on a month by month basis, based on a pre-agreed number of man days and level of cost, which can be directed by you to assist with, or trouble shoot, any energy related issue. This will ensure the changing needs of your business are always met at a known cost.

5 key requirements for effective and economical management of your organisations energy strategy can be resourced using this approach:

  • Temporary specialist expertise
  • Part time energy management
  • Fluctuating energy support
  • Specialist expertise not available in-house
  • Adapting to changing business needs and priorities

As only time spent on site is charged for, this is an extremely cost effective and flexible way to satisfy these requirements.

JRP consultants can provide a wide range of support from resolving or managing compliance issues, developing a site specific energy plan, the implementation of improvement opportunities to energy awareness training.

Being embedded in an organisation enables us to:

  • Gain detailed understanding of energy using systems and operations
  • Integrate with site teams, management culture and systems
  • Introduce specialist energy management skills
  • Train, mentor and develop in-house energy personnel

JRP currently provide this On-Site Energy Management Support to a number of organisations ensuring a real focus upon managing energy effectively and helping to prioritise actions and measures to reduce energy consumption and costs in a consistent and sustainable way.  Service delivery has often been on an initial short term contract which has been extended and continued with confidence based on the results and benefits we have contributed.

With complete flexibility as to how and when this service is called upon and how it is deployed, costs are minimised, resources optimised and targets are achieved.

For more information, please download the pdf here.

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