Don’t miss out on the chance to get paid for delivering electricity savings! Read on:

The Electricity Demand Reduction Pilot is a Government scheme giving you the chance to be paid for delivering electricity savings at peak times from certain types of efficiency projects in Great Britain. This is a great opportunity to get stakeholder engagement for progressing capital investment projects that otherwise might stall.

Posted on 28 July 2015.

So what’s it all about?

  • The EDR Pilot is based around a competitive auction – you can win money for each kW of electricity capacity you save at peak.
  • Winners are paid following signature of a Participant Agreement and delivery of electricity savings during the winter peak period (when the electricity system is under greatest pressure) between 4-8pm on weekdays, (excluding Bank Holidays) between the beginning of November and the end of February (winter peak capacity savings referred to as capacity savings).
  • Typically you can provide these savings through replacing less efficient equipment with a more efficient version, and those savings will be paid for
  • Different ways of measuring your savings to suit different circumstances are available.
  • There is a ceiling of £300/kW, which means that the money from the EDR Pilot is unlikely to fund an entire project. Projects will also benefit from the ongoing reduction in electricity bills, which includes savings made outside the winter peak period.
  • Only projects that have a payback period of two years or more can take part in the Pilot but this is an excellent way to make 2-3 year payback projects more attractive when submitting your energy projects business case.
  • You will be required to participate in evaluation activities.
  • This is Phase II of the Pilot. An Auction for Phase I was held on 29 January 2015 and successful participants have installed, or are currently installing measures to deliver capacity savings in the winter of 2015/16.

Deadline for registering is the 3rd of September. Contact us now to take advantage of this opportunity. Call 0800 6127567, email or book a call back through our website here.