Driving fuel reductions with the IAM!

We are continually looking to motor manufacturers to deliver more fuel efficient cars but, by incorporating efficient driving techniques, the average driver can improve their mpg by up to 15% which on average equates to fuel savings of up to £230 and a reduction in carbon dioxide of 400kgCO2 a year.

Posted on 17 March 2015.

By encouraging all staff to take the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Skill For Life Course, JRP Solutions has seen reductions in fuel consumption which have more than paid for the cost of the course, with the added bonus of raising skills and safety awareness and reducing driving incidents. 

The most recent JRP staff member to take the test, George Barnes commented on his experience of the test.

“Taking the IAM skill for life course has improved my driving no end; there is now a noticeable smoothness which comes from a safer driving style and a desire to optimise fuel consumption.”

George’s recent success brings the company pass rate to 30%, well on the way to the 100% target.