Energy Audits deliver real value: Could NEPIC’s “Grow Greener Project” be a model for other SMEs?

Posted on 11 April 2014.

The Government’s proposed Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is intended to promote the uptake of cost-effective energy efficiency measures and will require all large enterprises in the UK to undertake energy efficiency audits by December 2015, and thereafter every 4 years.  

Whilst this scheme will only involve large organisations, the Government is keen for SMEs to voluntarily take part also and has set about developing programmes to encourage them to carry out energy audits.  NEPIC – the North East Process Industry Cluster – undertook the challenge and established the ‘Grow Greener’ project.

The project, which has a three year duration and is part funded by ERDF, not only offers free support and guidance to North East SMEs looking to become more energy efficient – but also offers companies the opportunity to display these new found ‘green credentials’ through an official – and free - Energy Accreditation.

Accreditation is achieved through an independent accreditation provider, JRP Solutions, who have been appointed by NEPIC. Following a baseline Energy Performance Assessment by NEPIC, an Initial Diagnostic Report is provided recommending improvements, and an Initial Energy Accreditation Certificate is produced which rates the SME on both design and operation of its facilities and processes

Once improvements have been completed, greater Energy Efficiency is verified by JRP Solutions and the participating SME is awarded a Final Accreditation Certificate indicating the company’s green credentials and improvements

The accreditation system used by JRP Solutions is a bespoke software based solution, and is therefore objective and not influenced by operator opinions. This means that the information presented is repeatable, auditable and verifiable..

For more information on what ESOS will mean to you or to find out about the benefits of commissioning an energy audit, please contact