Engage Empower Equip – Harnessing the power of people to save energy

Posted on 10 May 2021.

Jes Rutter, Managing Director JRP Solutions and EnCO Lead for ESTA/EI

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Behavioural change means saving energy by transforming practices to reduce or avoid consumption. This includes obvious measures such as turning off devices from lights to air conditioning, setting conditions at the right level or time, and identifying simple low-cost energy improvement projects both for organisations as a whole and the individuals they comprise. But good energy behaviour goes far beyond this: it is about senior management decision-making, standards, policies, plans and, importantly, optimising the technology used.




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Recognising the significant role that behaviour plays in driving down energy consumption, The Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) framework was developed by the Energy Services & Technology Association (ESTA) and the Energy

 Institute (EI) to help incorporate people measures into energy management strategies and plans.  This framework has been developed into a standard that organisations can work toward - a Registered EnCO Organisation is ‘an organisation that is externally recognised as measurably reducing energy consumption by applying behaviour change techniques.’

“The EnCO vision is to excite and equip enough colleagues to challenge the norm and to encourage widespread adoption of energy efficiency good practices throughout the organisation.”

Read the full article about why an organisation should become an EnCO and how to go about it in the May 21 issue of Energy Manager Magazine.

Find more information on how we can support you to becoming an EnCO registered organisation here, or contact George.richards@jrpsolutions.