ESOS – No ‘One Size Fits All’ Solution

Jes Rutter, Manager of energy efficiency specialists JRP Solutions, warns against ‘quick fix’ offers to achieve ESOS compliance.

Posted on 27 September 2017.

ESOS has been greeted in some quarters with a degree of understandable scepticism whilst others see it as a catalyst for change.  As one Operations Director recently stated, with refreshing honesty, “We recognise we haven’t been as focused upon energy as we might have been although for good reason. However, ESOS is giving our business the motivation to finally do something.”

Whatever your view ESOS is here to stay, so how do you make it work for your business?

To confuse matters, participant businesses are being bombarded with emails and calls on a daily basis offering fixed price or low cost ESOS audits which, on the face of it, might seem attractive particularly for those seeking the cheapest route to compliance. But how are these costs arrived at with little or no knowledge of the participant’s business, processes, energy profile or organisational structure?

The reality is they cannot as every business is unique and varies in terms of size, products, location, number of sites, processes and organisational structure. Factor in pre-existing energy audits that may or may not meet the required standard, product mix and volumes, in-house energy expertise and corporate strategies and you begin to understand the complexities of arriving at the right compliance strategy.

Having engaged with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes it is clear to me that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to ESOS compliance and that each business has to be considered independently if an appropriate and cost effective strategy is to be developed.

Above all seek a solution that will deliver the greatest value to your business and if you are a major energy using business give serious consideration to achieving ISO 50001 accreditation. ISO 50001 will provide your business with the structure and processes that will deliver a consistent focus upon energy and realise material and sustainable energy cost reductions.

Finally and most importantly, select a Lead Assessor with the skills, knowledge and experience most relevant to your business.

If you would like to discuss the best way for your organisation to achieve compliance, please contact