ESOS through my crystal ball

I’ve been saying for some time that despite reminders from the Government, the deluge of articles, webinars, seminars and general promotion around the subject, ESOS is going to catch some organisations out, and it seems that a recent survey conducted on 100 firms with more than 1,000 employees by green tech solutions company Verismic supports my rantings.

Posted on 30 June 2015.

The survey apparently discovered a surprisingly low awareness of the scheme despite the fact that there is only 5 months left for all 10,000 organisations that need to comply with ESOS to submit detailed reports on their energy use and efficiency to the Environment Agency.  If they don’t, they risk being fined £50,000, and/or a £500 fine for each day the business remains non-compliant and being publicly named and shamed for non-compliance.

Almost all businesses surveyed (96 per cent) said government should do more to raise ESOS awareness, which is as low as 24 per cent among firms in the retail, distribution and transport sector.  Of all sectors surveyed, financial services have the highest awareness of ESOS, but this is still only 40 per cent of respondents.

In a few more months people are going to miss the boat, lead assessor day rates will go up and we may well have less time to assist new customers as we’ll be concentrating on completing the work for those existing customers that had forethought and planned ahead!

Organisations should act now to avoid fines and higher costs!