How can you simplify the management of your improvement projects?

By the 29 January almost every organisation that qualifies under the ESOS regulations will have completed the audit and received their report which will include a raft of improvement ideas and potential projects.

Posted on 23 November 2015.

For some this will bring a sigh of relief, a time to forget ESOS and put the audit report metaphorically or quite literally on a shelf to collect nothing but dust for the next four years.  The hope is that organisations will understand the value of implementing some, if not all of the opportunities identified.

But whether energy improvement projects have been identified as a result of ESOS, ISO 50001 or just good management practice, implementation brings a whole set of challenges.  Which projects should be implemented first? How can the relevant stakeholders be engaged? Which projects will deliver the greatest benefits to the business?  How can you keep track of progress at each stage of project development? 

Traditionalists will undoubtedly turn to the tried and tested spreadsheet with its limited functionality and inaccessibility resulting in countless hours being wasted managing the tool for managing the process! Moreover, stakeholders have limited access to these spreadsheets which are often under the ownership of the Site Engineering Manager or SHE Manager who all too often only share the information when seeking capital approval.

The use of spreadsheets often results in an inconsistent approach to managing projects, resources being wasted developing projects that will not gain the approval of the stakeholders and are out of date the moment the Excel file is saved and closed.

Imagine then a tool that prioritises projects, actively engages stakeholders from concept through to implementation, provides instantaneous access to all project data, manages projects through a rigorous gated process and what’s more can automatically generate regular and bespoke reports sent directly to the relevant stakeholders.

Imagine no more.

Designed by highly experienced project managers, Energy Activator™ is an innovative and dynamic web based tool that delivers all that you can imagine and more besides.

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