If your organisation hasn’t been certified to ISO 50001, why not?

Implementing the energy management standard, ISO 50001, makes good business sense as part of a structured and coordinated approach to reduce energy use and, unlike other standards, ISO 50001 will lead to significant savings, quickly.

Posted on 15 November 2017.

Why? Because it provides a logical and practical framework that covers all aspects of energy management enabling a co-ordinated and consistent approach that will start to deliver results well before certification is achieved.  Many businesses adopt an ad hoc approach towards managing their energy but to achieve sustainable energy reductions all of these interrelated components need pulling together strategically and operationally.

If the thought of managing the additional paperwork is putting you off, there is a new software toolkit that could help.  The Energy Management Toolkit guides users through the stages of the certification process, with details of procedures, requirements, definitions and links to ‘how to’ guides and useful information.  It records documented decisions and stores any associated documentation and records all in one place.

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Remember, there are 5 very good reasons why organisations should go for ISO 50001:

  • Implementing the standard will achieve real energy and cost savings
  • Your stakeholders will know that you are serious about your energy strategy and about reducing your environmental impact
  • ISO 50001 is one of the most sensible, straight forward and least onerous to implement;
  • JRP’s ISO 50001 toolkit simplifies the whole process to minimise the administrative burden;
  • JRP can use their experience and expertise to help you every step of the way.

JRP know how to make ISO 50001 work practically to maximise energy and cost savings and the journey to certification has now been simplified by the use of The Energy Management Toolkit, purpose-designed by JRP for their clients’ use.  

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