Is your business in Cornwall? Could you get a share of £6m funding pot for energy saving?

As part of a £19m ‘Local Energy Market Trial programme’, Centrica is making available a funding pot of £6 million for businesses and other large energy users who are keen to find ways to save energy.

Posted on 14 September 2017.

The programme, funded jointly by Centrica, British Gas Energy for Tomorrow fund alongside a £13m grant from the European Regional Development Fund, has been established to test the use of flexible electricity demand, generation and storage, and reward local people and businesses for being more flexible with their energy.  Energy Specialists, JRP Solutions, will be carrying out surveys in organisations that have been selected for the trial to establish whether there is potential for them to optimise their energy use. 

Jes Rutter, Managing Director of JRP Solutions, commented, ‘This is an amazing opportunity for local businesses and other large energy users from across the county to save money on their bills, and potentially even make some money, by optimising both their energy demand and on-site generation, and making their assets available to the National Grid.”

Around 60 businesses will be invited to take part in the trial, and will be awarding funds to cover the cost of a variety of initiatives including energy audits, smart technology upgrades and new energy storage units.

Once installed, participants will connect to a virtual marketplace that will allow them to sell their flexible energy capacity to both the grid and the wholesale energy market.

The trial is also open to renewable power generators and other non-domestic users such as factories, hospitals and large offices.

‘There really is nothing to lose’, concluded Jes, ‘the participating organisations will receive the service free-of-charge but potentially save £££s.’

To find out more and watch a short film about the trial, go to or call us on 0800 6127 567.