Join UK business leaders in pilot to maximise resource efficiency

A collaboration of leading UK business is behind a new initiative to develop an innovative new tool to enable businesses to quickly and consistently measure their resource efficiency and that of their supply chains without having to access mountains of data or demanding lots of valuable time.

Posted on 01 June 2015.

A number of manufacturing businesses, 2Degrees, WRAP and JRP Solutions are behind the development of this high level self-assessment tool which is now ready for testing at 6 pilot sites around the UK.

There is an opportunity for 3-4 further organisations to become involved in something new and innovative that will add value to your business.

The new software tool is designed to benchmark an organisation’s resource efficiency with an A-G rating to provide an overview of how effectively resources are being used against a desired performance target and against industry benchmark.   This will Inform organisations in their strategic decisions in all resource areas and provide a route map to achieve resource targets.  The tool would:

  • Be an enabler to developing and implementing improvement projects
  • Provide visibility/transparency of data to engage users and get buy in for improvement projects
  • Be simple, quick, efficient, not high costs
  • Support Corporate social responsibility
  • Support European objectives to manage resources more efficiently
  • Reduce waste/carbon/environmental impact.
  • Be ideal for use with an organisations supply chain

If you are interested, willing to spend approximately 2 hours to test the tool and prepared to sign an NDA, please contact