Majority believe ESOS worthwhile, reveals survey

Over 70% of respondents in a recent survey carried out by JRP Solutions considered that mandatory energy audits under the Governments Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, ESOS, were worthwhile, with over 20% saying they were ‘very worthwhile’

Posted on 17 March 2015.

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Despite nearly 50% of respondents stating that ESOS would identify little or no savings opportunities within their organisations, and more than 40% saying it would not change their strategic approach or top management buy in, the majority of respondents considered ESOS to be worthwhile.

With over 85% of respondents saying that the information from consultants regarding ESOS has been adequate, good or very good, and nearly 80% saying the cost was either as expected or lower, it seems that Energy Consultants have generally been responding well to clients’ requirements. But not everyone has been impressed, and there seems to be some concern about underqualified consultants ‘jumping on the ESOS bandwagon’.  One respondent’s response reflected this view, “Lots and lots of consultants offering services they don’t seem to understand, and none with specific knowledge of my company’s sector.” 

Whilst there obviously remains a degree of scepticism in some quarters, “A lot of effort and cost for little or no return”, as one respondent put it, the overall response seemed to be that the ESOS Audit process would be helpful.  “I feel the process of having a formal report was helpful as it provides a good background for creating a business case.”

“The response to our survey reflects our own experience”, says JRP’s Managing Director, Jes Rutter.  “We know that to get best value from ESOS, organisations need to appoint an assessor with relevant experience and the right qualifications.  This will ensure that the maximum amount of savings opportunities are identified and that sound business cases are generated.  This will validate the whole process and help gain management buy-in which is essential if organisations are to deliver the opportunities identified.  ESOS is only the first part of the journey.”

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