More gifts from our Three Wise Men

With nearly 100 years’ experience between them, there’s not much that our own Three Wise Men don’t know about managing and saving energy. If they could give one (energy) gift each, what would they give in 2017?

Posted on 04 December 2017.


Jes Rutter, Managing Director:

I’d give funding for energy improvement projects to every organisation in the country – with no risks and guaranteed cost savings it would remove all barriers to implementing energy saving measures. But this funding isn’t a dream and it’s not just for Christmas – it can be accessed at any time!  More info:

 George Richards, Business and Innovation Manager:

My gift is a free trial of our Be Energy eLearning programme.  Be Energy is designed to achieve maximum impact at a very affordable cost so that even in very large organisations every employee can be engaged in the energy saving journey.  To register for a free trail, simply email BE ENERGY FREE TRIAL to

Julian Wells, Principal Consultant:

A gift worth more than gold! I’d give organisations with a large number of energy improvement projects our Energy Project Management tool – Energy Activator® - the gift that keeps on giving by significantly improving business cost, environmental and operational performance. More info:

What would you give?

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