Navigating complexity – how energy managers can add value

Posted on 11 March 2019.

Today’s energy manager can often hold the title of safety, health and environment manager, engineering manager or environmental manager. But they all face the same challenges in effectively managing energy and reducing costs, writes George Richards, Director, JRP Solutions.

(Below is an extract from an article, first published in the March 2019 issue of Energy World by the Energy Institute and available in full here.)   

Almost without exception, energy managers have multiple roles and complain of conflicting priorities and a lack of resources, ie time.  The positive impact of effective energy management on the bottom line has been proven time and again, and in many cases the return on investment exceeds that of other capital investments and people.

Typically, and understandably, their available time is spent ensuring compliance with relevant legislation; checking that the business has a reliable and secure supply of required utilities, such as air conditioning, compressed air, heating or refrigeration; and, if time allows, providing energy reports to the senior management team.

In recognition of this common issue, and in direct response to one particular organisation struggling to recruit, we developed and now provide what is in effect a part time energy manager service, which can be used to help with any aspect of energy management.

The selective use of relevant equipment suppliers can also be a useful resource as can industry peers, trade associations and industry organisations including ESTA, EMA, Edie and the Energy Institute.

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