Net Zero - Effecting organisational change from the top

To achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions, the culture, structure and processes within an organisation must change. This means changing the way people behave to embed sustained best practice from within. Ultimately it means Net-Zero-proofing your organisation’s mission statement and business strategy

Posted on 17 August 2020.

Changing organisational behaviour cannot happen effectively without the full support, engagement and commitment from key influencers and decision-makers within the organisation, but how do you secure this commitment if it’s currently lacking?


We know that this is particularly relevant for managers tasked with environmental or wider sustainability goals that haven’t been fully embraced across the organisation. For example, where there is no formal sustainability strategy, or Environmental Management System (EMS) or Energy Management System (EnMS). Surprisingly, we also find that even where formal ISO 50001 and even ISO 14001 objectives have been signed off by the board, it is still not regarded as being the responsibility of the senior team to ensure that the objectives are strategic, ghg-proofed, climate resilient and being fully implemented.


If this sounds familiar, you will find our infosheet - Net Zero - Effecting organisational change from the top – useful.   Request it by emailing or call him on 07870 394601.