New ESOS software tool identifies 50% more savings

The demand for cost effective and efficient energy surveys is set to soar with the government’s recent launch of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) which introduces new regulations that compel all organisations with over 250 employees to undertake energy audits of their processes, buildings and transportation.

Posted on 13 August 2014.

In anticipation of this demand, energy efficiency specialists, JRP Solutions, have developed a unique software tool which has been designed exclusively to carry out these energy surveys.   The tool, called Energy Initiator®, uses a systematic method of surveying the constituent parts of a manufacturer’s infrastructure in order to assess the current and potential energy performance, using an A to G rating system, the result of which can ultimately be built up to cover the entire site or business.  The method has been developed to provide an intimate understanding of how and where energy is currently being used throughout a site or business and more importantly to identify how and where energy consumption may be reduced.

JRP’s software developers and energy efficiency specialists have been developing Energy Initiator® over the last 18 months and have already used it successfully for a number of clients.  Typical site-wide savings identified might be between 20-30% but with Energy Initiator®, they are substantially higher. In a recent survey for McVitie’s, JRP identified energy savings of over 41% across their manufacturing process.  “The survey takes 70% of the time of a traditional energy survey” states JRP Managing Director, Jes Rutter, “and consistently identifies 50% more savings”.

A project management software tool, Energy Activator®, has also been developed to manage projects that arise from opportunities identified at the survey stage.  Both software packages have been developed on the same platform and are therefore fully compatible to ensure seamless transition from opportunity to energy saving project. 

JRP expect to be using Energy Initiator® extensively to undertake cost effective ESOS surveys and will consider licencing the product for use by other energy professionals.  Energy Initiator® is also ideal for organisations wishing to achieve the more robust standards required for accreditation to ISO50001.

How Energy Initiator® works:

A suite of questions relevant to the subject of the survey (i.e. a process, building or individual asset) with accompanying scores and guidance notes enable the survey process to show comparisons in overall energy efficiency from both a design and operating perspective. The comparisons shown are between the existing situation, and what can realistically be achieved. There are also detailed calculations involved in the later stages of improvement identification leading to the evaluation of an improvement opportunity for investment viability. Details of the identified improvements together with the impacts upon costs, energy and emissions are one of the key outputs of the system.

The key tool used for the survey is a tablet PC with software that enables all data and descriptive information to be uploaded to a central and secure database. Useful features include: barcode reading, asset label printing, photographs, sketches, meter readings, timing for meters, date stamping and survey duration.

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