Our Three Christmas (Energy) Wishes!

If you had 3 Christmas (Energy) Wishes, what would you wish for? These are ours:

Posted on 08 December 2016.

We wish that more CEOs and FDs would listen to their Energy Managers! People are running around trying to increase profits and lower costs without considering the obvious cost saving that is staring them in the face.  Saving energy saves money and can often be done with very little cost! More.

We wish all energy training was this good! A survey of delegates scored the programme an impressive nine out of 10 across a range of factors.  Quality, ease of use and usefulness were all measured and delegates strongly believed that they would use what they had learnt to save money at work and at homeMore.

We wish all organisations were this serious about achieving energy savings! Severn Trent Water operate over 6,000 sites and have 100s of energy improvement projects ongoing at any one time.  This is how they manage it.  More.

For an energy saving Christmas at home and at an energy saving Christmas shutdown at work, follow the links for our top energy saving tips!