Over £100k energy savings identified during JRP training for Severn Trent Water

Posted on 09 April 2019.

We know that savings achieved through changing behaviours can equal or exceed savings made through capital investment projects – at a fraction of the cost!  We also know that despite this, energy managers often struggle to gain buy-in for energy training projects because benefits can be difficult to measure and prove.  But how about if part of the training involves actually identifying energy saving opportunities and creating a live energy action plan – within the delegates own working environments?

This was the case when, as part of a wider energy efficiency strategy, JRP prepared and delivered a bespoke Energy Champion training programme for a select group of 20 people with different skill levels and experience from Severn Trent Water.

During the training programme, over £100k of potential savings were identified by the delegates, in addition to achieving other less quantifiable, but nonetheless significant,  benefits of:

  • Greater team cohesion
  • Improved engagement with energy saving
  • Better understanding of specific technologies
  • Production of a ‘live’ energy action plan
  • Over £100k potential savings identified as part of the course 

The training focused on equipping people with the skills to:

  • Encourage colleagues to minimise energy consumption at all times through vigilance in the use of all utilities
  • Maintain team awareness of the many good reasons to reduce usage
  • Understand how energy is used and how it can be wasted
  • Complete energy audits and report findings
  • Raise and assess new energy reduction ideas
  • Develop and support energy reduction improvement programmes, campaigns and initiatives

“The programme catered really well for a wide range of energy experience, from dedicated energy project managers to frontline operators. The understanding we gained and the exercises we worked through together have helped us find and deliver energy savings and helped hone the skills we need to manage energy well. It also turned out to be a great team building exercise for everyone involved.” Howard Perry, STW Energy Manager.

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