Plan for behaviour change

Any organisation that is serious about reducing its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions should be taking a serious look at the efficiencies that people can make. Evidence suggests that behaviour change offers around 50 per cent of the total potential energy savings available in any organisation.

Posted on 26 April 2021.

And this is exactly why the EnCO initiative was launched.

The Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) is a framework developed by Energy Services & Technology Association (ESTA) and the Energy Institute to help incorporate people measures into energy management strategies and plans.


“The vision for EnCO is to excite and equip enough colleagues to challenge the norm and to encourage widespread adoption of energy efficiency good practices throughout the organisation.”


Graphical user interface, text, applicationDescription automatically generatedThis is an extremely well written and informative article, published in the April 2021 issue of Energy in Buildings and Industry (EiBI), that also could also gain readers some CPD from the Energy Institute.  The article explains just what is involved in becoming an EnCO and is authored by the three of the people behind this initiative, James Brittain, John Mulholland and Jes Rutter, all approved EnCO Practitioners.


To read the full article, click here.



You’ll find more information on how we can support you to becoming an EnCO registered organisation here, or email George.richards@jrpsolutions or call him on 07870 394601.