Simple energy messages to make your staff sit up

Watts brewing? Every year the United Kingdom consumes 54 billion cups of tea. That’s 1,037 per person of tea drinking age (15+), just short of three cups a day each. That’s a whole lot of tea and a lot of boiling kettles!

Posted on 20 April 2017.

Boiling enough water for a single cup of tea rather than filling your kettle could save enough energy to shut down 1.5 average UK power stations.*

That’s the equivalent of taking nearly 45,000 cars off the road!

This simple example illustrates how with the right knowledge and awareness individuals can make significant energy savings without the need for any capital investment.  There are many such examples in the workplace and at home.  Training employees to understand energy and how their behaviour can make a step change in saving energy should be a key element of any organisation’s energy management strategy.

This is one impactful real life example that we use in our low cost online Be Energy programme to demonstrate to individuals how they can save energy.  Be Energy is designed to achieve maximum impact for all employees.  JRP Solutions offer a range of training services to suit any requirement, from this online programme through to a tailored level 4 course designed to firmly embed an energy culture within your organisation.

If you would like further information on how JRP Solutions can help bring about the culture change needed for your organisation please follow this link:, email or call 0800 6127 567 for more details.

*To boil one litre of water in a kettle, enough for 7 cups of tea, consumes 0.11 kWh of electricity. If every tea drinker in the UK boils one litre of water every time they fill the kettle, the total amount of energy consumed for the year is 6 million kWh or 6 TWh.  On average 70%, of that heat is wasted on heating water that isn’t used.

Boiling enough water for a single cup of tea requires only 0.03 kWh of electricity. If all tea drinkers did this, it would equate to a saving of 4,320 kWh million or 4.32 TWh per annum a saving of approximately 1.28% of total UK electricity generation - enough energy would be saved to close 1.6 average UK power stations! Even if only 10% of people did so this would be enough to close Seal Sands in County Durham, a 50 MW capacity gas powered station on the River Tees.