Simple energy saving messages to make your staff sit up - Lighting the way to energy efficiency

Engaging your staff in your energy saving objectives can be tough, sometimes it’s the simple messages about how they use energy at home that hit the mark!

Posted on 18 September 2017.

Do they know that replacing inefficient bulbs in 10% of UK households with an LED alternative could save 1.2 million MWh of energy pa. That’s the equivalent of taking over 65,000 cars off the road!  If every household did it, we could save enough energy to shut down 4 average UK power stations.

The average UK household is still not fully committed to the LED revolution, with less than 30% of typical household lighting coming from LED sources. This is 5% more than the amount of light coming from halogen sources and slightly more than that coming from compact fluorescents or energy saving bulbs. The remaining source of light can primarily be found coming from a mixture of halogen candles and conventional halogen bulbs; hopefully with no tungsten filaments in sight.

An average household uses nearly 1,000 kWh a year for lighting, around 25% of an average electricity bill. If all bulbs were replaced with LED alternatives, 630 kWh or £100 could be saved each year which would repay the initial outlay in just over two and a half years.

As another bonus, LED lamps have a much longer lifespan than conventional bulbs, approx. 50 hrs. On average, households could save £15 a year on top of energy savings purely through bulb longevity.  

If all households fully switched to LED lighting, up to 12 TWh total savings per year are achievable. This means that if only 10% of all UK households were to fully convert to LED nearly 1.2 million MWh could be saved; that’s the equivalent of taking more than 65,000 cars off the road. If every household did it, could save enough energy to shut down 4 medium sized UK power stations.  Lots of little changes make a big difference.

The potential savings in businesses are even greater. If you need help putting together a business case for a lighting replacement scheme at work, or implementing a lighting project, we would be happy to help.

JRP Solutions offer a range of consultancy services to suit all needs from our part time energy manager service to one off energy site surveys and everything in between. If you would like further information on how JRP Solutions can help bring about the culture change needed for your organisation please follow this link:, email or call 0800 6127 567 for more details.

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