South West organisations gearing up for energy savings

Making sure they are well ahead of the game, Southwest based companies Bristol Water, Yeo Valley, Refresco Gerber and Numatic International, manufacturers of the famous Henry vacuum cleaner, have all appointed JRP Solutions to help them achieve compliance with ESOS, the Government’s Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme.

Posted on 18 May 2015.

Under the scheme, organisations with over 250 employees must identify ways in which they can potentially save energy by the 5th December 2015 or risk punitive fines.  The Government estimates that the average large company should realise savings worth £56,400 per year on energy bills as a result of implemented ESOS improvement projects. JRP Solutions have carried out many similar energy audits and have found that energy reductions within large industrial or manufacturing sites can be substantially greater, representing between 20%-40% reductions in energy consumption.

Many organisations are seeing this new legislation as an opportunity to completely review their approach to energy and have decided to aim for certification to the International energy management system standard, ISO 50001.  Achieving this standard gives organisations exemption from ESOS as it is a robust system which goes far beyond the identification of energy savings opportunities and includes rigorous procedures and targeted outcomes for continuous improvement. JRP Solutions have carried out gap analyses for companies who wish to follow the ISO 50001 route, and are working with them to develop an implementation plan.

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