Staff training contributes to 20% energy reduction on site

The UK’s largest commercial cleaning equipment manufacturer and producer of the iconic Henry vacuum, Numatic International Ltd, was faced with a challenge. The business wanted to ensure its staff were doing their part to help the company achieve its long-term energy reduction goals. But how could it do this?

Posted on 17 October 2017.

Henry by Numatic

The business wanted to ensure its staff were doing their part to help the company achieve its long-term energy reduction goals. But how could it do this?

JRP Solutions worked with Numatic to find the best practical way to engage the maximum number of key employees within the available budget and agreed that JRP’s one hour Be Energy eLearning programme was the most appropriate way to achieve the objective.

To ensure maximum engagement, the selected employees were required to complete an energy quiz as part of the programme and this was scored to achieve a pass/fail status.

Be Energy is designed to help participants understand what energy is, how the use of energy impacts their environment, and how they can use less energy both at work and home. The programme is made up of six modules each with high quality videos, graphics and questions to support learning.

The e-learning programme was delivered to seventy Numatic employees over a period of six months. The programme itself took one hour to complete, and staff could stop and return to it later if they chose.

The programme received an average rating of nine out of 10 by Numatic employees. Quality, ease of use and usefulness were all measured as part of this. The survey showed that delegates strongly believed that they would use what they had learnt to save money at work and home.

The energy e-learning programme was effective in engaging Numatic’s staff in the organisation’s energy reduction strategy. It contributed towards reducing Numatic’s energy consumption by 20%, equivalent to £300,000 in savings, over a 12-month period.

“We have achieved over 20% energy savings over the last 12 months and no doubt the training was a contributing factor towards this,” says Andrew.

In addition to actual energy savings achieved, delivery of the e-learning programme provided the following additional benefits:

  • Spread the responsibility and ownership of energy reduction throughout the organisation
  • Promoted general employee engagement
  • Sent a message to all stakeholders within the organisation that there is a significant commitment to saving energy and that the organisation is environmentally and socially responsible

“The feedback from the staff who undertook the training was very positive indeed.” Says Andrew Smith, Property and Energy Manager, Numatic International. “I am sure that people are much more energy aware than they were before the training and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t done this sort of training to seriously consider it,” says Andrew.

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