Unique new funding service launched – a real game changer for energy efficiency!

A unique new energy efficiency funding service has been launched by energy specialists JRP Solutions, in partnership with ethical investment company, Elegen, that will clear the way for organisations to deliver a multitude of energy savings that otherwise would not be achieved.

Posted on 11 September 2017.

‘In our experience the greatest barriers to implementing energy saving measures are lack of resources, funding and expertise,’ comments Jes Rutter, Managing Director, JRP Solutions. ‘This new service overcomes all these barriers by providing all the resources needed to deliver an energy saving project or programme – with no upfront costs and with all costs paid from the energy savings achieved!

The service is unique as there are no risks at all for the client and the savings are guaranteed.  There’s is no upper or lower limit to the project value and the funding isn’t centred around fixed assets.  Funding can be used for any energy saving initiative, from training to capital projects no matter how large or small.  And finally, there is nothing to pay until the savings have been proved. The energy saved pays for all resources needed to deliver the agreed plan – development knowledge, expertise, implementation, management, tools and equipment.  All further savings are shared.

On-going monitoring and service of the projects delivered ensures that energy savings are sustained and where possible further improvements are made.

In the first instance, JRP carry out an initial energy survey, at no cost to the customer, to assess their current energy use and to determine how and where energy can be saved.  This survey leads to a commercial proposal and the start of a very rewarding energy saving journey.

‘Many businesses are reluctant to commit resource to delivering energy efficiency programmes,’ adds Jes, “even though they will make this money back – and more – in savings on their energy bills. We recognise that they have other investment priorities and may be risk averse and wanted to use our expertise and funding source to overcome this obstacle to saving energy.’

JRP and Elegen have built a team of some of the UK’s most proficient energy professionals and have no links to manufacturers, ensuring that any equipment supplied or recommended is the most suited to an individual customer’s needs.

‘We believe this funding service is a real game-changer for energy efficiency,’ concludes Jes.

If you would like more information about how this funding service could help you, please call 0800 6127 567 or email georgerichards@jrpsolutions.com.