Water Company set to make significant energy savings following staff training

A substantial register of over 90 energy savings opportunities has been compiled as a direct result of energy training delivered to Bristol Water. The training was part of a programme of measures to support the organisation’s commitment to embedding an energy efficient culture within their business and to achieving the energy management standard, ISO 50001.

Posted on 03 February 2016.

Energy consultants JRP Solutions were appointed by Bristol Water to support them in delivering the requirements of ISO 50001 as a route to ESOS compliance.  JRP reviewed Bristol Water’s overall strategy and structure, considered the best practical way to comply and to get the most out of ISO 50001 and then worked with the organisation to agree the optimum approach and prioritise implementation.  Actions that saved energy and costs were prioritised.

Energy training was an essential component of engaging staff in the journey towards certification.

JRP worked with Bristol Water to develop an energy structure, hierarchy and job profiles.  A total of 35 people, including directors, engineers, administrators, plant operators and project managers, were then involved in 3 levels of training.

As part of the training programme, a comprehensive energy savings opportunity register was developed.  The 3 courses resulted in attendees compiling a list of 92 energy savings suggestions. Half of each of the training sessions was spent on a practical analysis of what had been learned and how to use this knowledge to identify and implement improvements. The objective was to arm delegates with the knowledge they need to achieve real savings and to achieve and maintain ISO 50001 certification. 

In order to enable Bristol Water to assess project savings as well as design considerations for new equipment against old going forward, JRP produced a calculations workbook which now allows them to quantify the savings potential across a number of technologies such as lighting, small power, compressed air, blowers, pumps, insulation, plus heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  This information is invaluable in budgeting for capital expenditure.

In addition, JRP developed check lists for each technology to embed good practice within the organisation.  The lists include a list of 20-25 potential opportunities to be checked for each technology, the reason why it’s deemed to be an opportunity and then details of what action needs to be taken.

“The support that JRP gave us was invaluable in us achieving ISO 50001 certification.  The training programmes they delivered engaged our staff in energy saving in a really meaningful way.”  Martin Berry, Water Resources Planning Manager, Bristol Water.

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